Spider-Man: Far From Home – Trailer

The storyline from the original Peter Parker has made a few unexpected turns since the Amazing Spider-Man released in 2002. The guardian of New York needs a vacation and embarks on his travels across Europe with his buddies.

Peter expects a care-free journey which proves to be a naive belief as trouble always finds a way into his life. One individual who manages to weave his way into the trip is Nick Fury who reveals Europe is in grave danger. It appears as if Sony is trying to filter in too many teasers for Avengers which spoils Spider-Man's individuality in the Marvel world. This is the new dawn of Spider-Man and we will have to wait and see if Tom Holland can fill the suit of Spidey's before.

Other notable features include Mysterio, who is played by Jake Gillinghall. Mysterio is a mortal like all of us, however, he possesses the knowledge to invent his own gadgets and high-tech equipment. Prior to the Far From Home trailer, Mysterio was recognised as a villain. From the glimpse we see of him, it appears he is preventing the force of evil rather than being the spawn of it. This could all be an act to deceive Spidey, we should keep our wits about Mysterio for the time being.

Spider-Man: Far From Home releases in cinema's July 5th, three months after the release of Avengers: End game.

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