Spies In Disguise – Official Trailer

Being the worlds greatest spy is just an everyday job for Lance Sterling, but how easy would it be for him if he became a pigeon?

Will Smith and Tom Holland star in the new animated movie Spies In Disguise that is out in cinemas December 25th 2019. Originally the film was set for release in January 2019 but got pushed back three times to the end of the year.

This is going to be the first time ever that Walt Disney Studios have distributed a Blue Sky Studios film. This comes after they bought 21st Century Fox earlier this year.

Nick Bruno and Troy Quane are taking the directorial roles in this film, for the first time ever in both their careers. The film is based on the 2009 short film Pigeon: Impossible.

Lance Sterling (Will Smith) is known worldwide. He is the worlds greatest spy and no one can stop him. A lot of his success is also down to the work of Walter Beckett (Tom Holland), a science genius creating new gadgets all the time.

Walter tells Lance that he may have created his best one yet. The ability to make Lance disappear, I'd imagine a very handy ability to have when trying to go undetected.

Lance goes to Walter house to get this new ability and it all goes wrong. Trying to rush Walter along so he can spend as little time in his house as possible, Lance drinks what he thought was a glass of water.

It turns out to be the new technology to make Lance disappear. Lance does in fact disappear but reappears as a pigeon…

The two must now work together to help save the world.

Spies In Disguise – In Cinemas 25th December 2019

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