Super Drags Trailer

In the past few years, Netflix has added some whacky animated TV shows to its collection. Off the top of my head, the most unconventional show I've seen Netflix produce is Big Mouth. However, from taking a look at the first Super Drags trailer, it could be a strong contender.

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The title is pretty self-explanatory. The new Netflix series will follow the heroics of a trio of Drag Queens. Saving the world has been a theme for shows and movies for decades but I can't seem to recall the Earth being saved by drag queens so it's definitely a new premise! Introducing Patrick, Donizete and Ralph…three regular Joes who all work in a department store together. Like us all, they often take crap from customers and their boss. The difference is these three individuals channel their irritation with everyday life into saving the world.

There is no animal theme to their costume, they are straight up diva's and their sass is the secret weapon. Pabllo Vittar who is a famous Brazilian drag queen singer has been cast to voice the role of Vadeta Champagne, the mentor of the queens. Super Drags is a Brazilian production which could possibly be why the animation has a very alternative look. It has almost gone back a decade but it seems to work. All five episodes in the series will be released on November 9th globally. I am certainly going to give it a go as it promises to be hilarious.



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