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Now it's impossible to gloss over the fact that the Movie industry has had a nightmare of a year in 2020. Every single big release has had to be pushed back. But, of all the big releases, there is one that is possibly one of the most anticipated films for many many years. So, the wait is now over and the new global release has been confirmed!

TENET is the new film release from the cinematic master, Christopher Nolan. Now, Nolan has spent more than five years fine-tuning the screenplay for TENET. On top of that, he had been working on the concept for over ten years. So we know that we are going to experience something extraordinary. I mean, that is an outrageous dedication to a single idea. But, when the likes of Steven Speilberg call his films ‘Masterworks' you can see why so many are eager to see this latest creation from him.

It's fair to say that after spending so much time on the concept. The full details about the film are being kept close to their chest. However, what we do know is that TENET is a spy thriller in which the main protagonist rather predictably must save the world. But, come on, Nolan is anything but predictable. So, let's just say that there is something called ‘Time Inversion' involved. Yep, that's right, this is going to be as big a head spinner as Inception.

So, what do we think of the trailer for TENET? Well, what can I say other than this movie looks like a total masterpiece. Not only does it look pitch-perfect in every single frame. But, the music is composed by the amazing Ludwig Göransson too. This really does look like Christopher Nolan at his absolute best, just cinematic genius. Plus, the backstory looks like it will leave the audience blown away. Let's say in the same way that the Matrix did when that first hit the screens Рbut better. On top of this, the cast looks fantastic and with a budget of a staggering $225,000, I can't wait.

TENET was scheduled to be released earlier in the year. However, due to the lockdown, this had to be pulled. But, the anticipation is over. One thing is for sure, this is a movie that you will regret not seeing on the big screen. In fact, the bigger the better, Nolan has filmed it in IMAX. So if you can go IMAX I would recommend that, I know I will.

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TENET 2020
New UK Release Date – 26th August 2020.

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