The Aftermath Trailer

A year following the fall of the Nazi regime in Germany and tensions are still high. The Aftermath follows a British Colonel (Jason Clarke) and his wife, Rachael (Keira Knightley) who have been moved to Hamburg in efforts to reconstruct the land which was demolished during the war. 

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The married couple endured a rough patch in their relationship as the Colonel was out on duty over the duration of the war. When Racheal arrives in Hamburg she knows little of her purpose in the city of ruins. When her new house is revealed to her disbelief there are already two residents living there. A German father and daughter who were the former owners of the mansion before the property got requisitioned.

The two separate families end up sharing the house despite Racheal's discomfort with the situation. During the trailer, what we see as the turning point, is the Colonel reporting to duty once again leaving his wife behind with a widowed father and his troubled daughter. Unexpected lust grows between the adult residents in the home until breaking point. Rachael falls for the widow and has to decide if she will flee alongside him or keep the romance a secret from her husband. In the midst of postwar depression and rubble, Racheal may have found her real love.

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