The Hustle – Teaser Trailer

“Take down rotten men who have wronged them”. That is the motto of Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson in their new film – The Hustle.

The film, set to be released on May 10th 2019, is a remake of the 1988 comedy ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels'. That version starred Michael Caine and Steve Martin. Anne Hathaway plays Josephine Chesterfield, an experienced, rich and upper class con artist. Penny Rust, played by Rebel Wilson, is the polar opposite to Josephine. But is still a con artist!

The film is centred around the duo as Penny is taken under the wing of Josephine. Josephine teaches Penny the ways of a successful con and the best way to separate wealthy men from their money and jewellery. The two form a hilarious bond that eventually ends up turning into a competition. Whoever can swindle a tech billionaire, played by Alex Sharp, of the most money, gets to stay in town whilst the other must leave.

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The two actresses haven't worked together before. But given their successful history in comedy films expect this one to be nothing different. The film is written by Jac Shaeffer, who is also in charge of writing the upcoming Black Widow movie for Marvel.

With not long to go now until the film is released we're getting very excited to see just how well these con artists can bag themselves a pay day.

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