The Intruder Trailer

Finding the right house to build a family can take time, where has the safest area's, is there good schools nearby? A question you probably wouldn't ask the real estate agent is if the current tenant is an alleged murderer. There are some troubling truths in the near-perfect home, some of which will haunt the future.

The Russel family (Meagan Good & Micheal Ealy) were led to believe they were buying a beautiful, scenic home, away from the urbanised areas. In the search for a suburban life, the married couple may have bargained for more than they expected. little did they know but the former homeowner, Charlie (Dennis Quaid) might have a harder time saying goodbye to the building which his great-grandfather built. So, what does he do? Drive by every now and again, take photo's for the memory box, no. Charlie lingers around the estate weeks after the new owners move in.

The sightings began with Charlie mowing his old lawn, or simply stood in the garden. It seemed harmless and Annie Russel shows a lot of empathy towards Charlie regarding the ‘loss' of his wife. However, as time goes on the encounters become more hostile and it is quickly apparent that Charlie isn't going anywhere. The troubled individual doesn't just have his heart set on reclaiming his home, but he wants Miss Russel in the package as well.

Watching The Intruder trailer gave me chills and it looks like it may go on to be a horror classic. The more realistic the plot nowadays, the more fear it generates from the audiences. We aren't scared of aliens or poltergeists anymore, but an intruder…

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