The Kid Who Would Be King Trailer

The story of King Arthur is one which has been told for centuries and maybe it is time for a fresh version. Introducing Alex Elliot, a normal twelve-year-old boy – or so he would lead you to believe.

His childhood takes a turn when he stumbles upon Excalibur. As rightful King, he has the powers to release the sword which will come in handy when fighting the powers of evil. Elliot has until the solar eclipse to train his small army of students. When the sun and the moon cross paths the underworld will open and ‘Morgana' will rise in the search for blood. Elliott must recruit close friends, teachers and even some bullies in the playground for extra muscle.

Patrick Stewart makes a glimpse appearance in the end which will give you something to look forward to regardless. It is set for release on February 15th in the UK and we have a hunch that The Kid Who Would Be King will take off.

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