The New Mutants – Teaser Trailer

The New Mutants takes us right back to the first students at the X-Men school. But beware this is like no other X-Men Universe movie we have seen before. Get ready to be scared to death – this is X-Men Horror!!!!

If you are a fan of the X-Men you will have been a fan of the various movies that have been hitting our screens since 2000. Eleven movies have been produced so far, that also includes the amazing Deadpool. Fans have two films to look forward too in 2019, first up is Dark Pheonix released in June 2019 (see the trailer here) and then there is The New Mutants.

Now we have seen the X-Men universe take a darker approach when a new cast lept the audience into the past with the releases of X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse. However, we have seen nothing like The New Mutants, Director Josh Boone has described it as firstly a Horror movie and secondly having X-Men mutants in it. Boone describes it as being “more like the shining rather – we're teenagers lets save the world”. Boone confirms that it takes place in the same timeline as the X-Men Universe, but one thing is for sure it looks nothing like anything we have ever seen before from the X-Men.

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Originally set as a trilogy and set for release in 2018, the film was put back to make it scarier (what!!). But since Disney's acquisition of the brand from 20th Century Fox, The New Mutants is looking like it will be the last of the X-Men Universe movies to come out of Fox studios.

The confirmed release date is 2 August 2019 – Horror X-Men, Hmm not sure I like that idea but let's wait and see.





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