The Secret: Dare to Dream Trailer

Is it possible to change your future through just thinking it, positively manifesting the things that you really want? Well, what if it were true, where will your life go when you think of the most beautiful things that can happen in your life?

The Secret: Dare to Dream is based on the international best-selling book ‘The Secret' by the Australian writer Rhonda Byrne. The book was released in 2006 and followed the documentary film released in the same year. It's fair to say, both the book and the film caused quite a reaction. Quoted as being a ‘cultural phenomenon', they are based on the law of attraction or New Thought.

Put simply, all things are bound by energy, everything. Our thoughts are energy that has an influence on the things that happen in your life. What we think is what we are, or what the universe attracts back to you, following the laws of attraction.

I know! That's all a bit weird and straight out of hippyville land. However, you have to admit that, using the powerful ideas of the Laws of Attraction as the premise to a Love story is a great Idea. And it sure took me by surprise when I first saw the marketing for The Secret: Dare to Dream.

So, does the trailer for The Secret: Dare to Dream look like it will do this deep back layered premise justice? Well, let's say that if you are a fan of romantic movies, you got to see this. There's no doubt, that the trailer looks like it has everything in place to lift your heart. For me, it reminded me of The Notebook. I could be way off the mark there, but with such a deep premise The Secret: Dare to Dream certainly looks like it will pull a few tears.

Yes, it looks a little cliche. But, come on, it's a Love story. Plus, ‘The Secret' is certainly not cliche in any way. So it will be interesting to see what they do with that. On top of that, you have Katie Holmes, Josh Lucas, and Jerry O'Donnell starring, so the cast looks pretty good too. Director Andy Tennant is no stranger to romantic movies and he co-writes the screenplay. Add to that the music from the British composer George Fenton and The Secret has all of the ingredients to make a true cult classic.

Now, The Secret: Dare to Dream was scheduled to be released earlier in April 2020. However, the post COVID release dates are coming through quick and fast. It is on general release in Australia and New Zealand on 31st July 2020. So, keep your eyes peeled, because it won't be long before we can get to the Cinema to watch this super positive tear-jerker.

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The Secret: Dare to Dream 2020
Due to the OnGoing Pandemic
The movie is Available to Watch on Demand
From 31st July 2020 in the U.S.
Proposed Date for U.K – 7th August 2020.

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