The Vanishing – Official Trailer

What would you do if you came across a box full of Gold? Lets say not one person could prove you found it – yep, you would keep it. But what happens when the people who own it turn up and want it back…

The Vanishing is based on a true story of the Flannen Isle Mystery. On the 15th December 1900, a boat sailing past the Flannen Isle Lighthouse in bad weather reported that the lighthouse was not operational. When the Northern Lighthouse Board sent out a team to investigate, they found that the three lighthouse keepers had disappeared. They had made their last log entry at 09.00 am on 15th December and vanished. This created a local legend that created wild speculation ranging from Sea Serpents to ghost ships taking the Keepers away.

Writers Celyn Jones and Joe Bone bring their slant on what happened to the screen with director Kristoffer Nyholm. The result looks like a mystery thriller full of suspense with lots of psychological twists that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The plot cleverly throws a huge box of gold into the mix, within the first week of their six-week stint on the island. Do they keep it? Do they tell anyone if they do? How far will they go to keep it when the owners of the gold turn up on the island and want it back.

The cast looks brilliant – the immensely talented Scottish actor Peter Mullan stars with Gerard Butler and Conor Swindells as the three lighthouse keepers. Mullan always gives intense performances, so it will be good to see Gerard Butler have to stretch himself working with such strong talent.


The Vanishing – Release Date March 29th – Digital Download April 1st

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