Toy Story 4 – Official Trailers

Their owners may move on but it appears as though we don't! Toy Story 4 trailer is officially out and 24 years after the first film, we're still obsessed!

The official trailer dropped on the 19th March on Disney Pixars Youtube channel and has already hit 475,000 views in the first two hours! Written by Stephany Folsom and directed by Josh Cooley, it will hit cinemas June 21st. It features all the members of the original casts including some new faces such as Fork, voiced by Tony Hale and Duke Caboom who Keanu Reeves is voicing.

In the film, we meet Bonnie's new self-made favorite toy, Forky. Forky is, as you probably already guessed, a fork. And he has no desire to be used as any other purpose. In a bid to leave the toys and go and be used for “Soup, salad, maybe chilli”, Forky jumps out of Bonnie's moving motorhome. Cue the classic Toy Story scene of Woody jumping out of a moving car.

As Woody goes to try and rescue Forky and bring him back, he bumps into his long-lost girlfriend Bo Peep. She shows him a life he has not seen before. One where you don't belong to an owner but live a life of your own. The tables have now turned and it's Forky, not Woody, who realises they should be headed back to Bonnie.

As the rest of the gang go to rescue them Bonnie gets upset as she loses them. The family leaves the fair and Woody is stuck with the task of getting himself back to his rightful owner. But will they make it back this time…

Toy Story 4 – Release Date June 21st 

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