Toy Story 4 Trailer

When Toy Story 3 was released in 2010 we were given the impression that the story had come to a close. Andy handed down his toys to his little sister and Andy said ‘so long partner' to his faithful companion. Little did we know that there would be a regeneration in the timeline and we are about to open the next chapter in the eventful life of Toy Story.

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Except for a reintroduction with some of our favourite characters, the Toy Story 4 trailer didn't reveal anything regarding the plot to the new film. Fortunately for us, all our favourites feature. Woodie, Jessie, Rex, Buzz Lightyear, Mr & Mrs Potato Head including many more!

This teaser trailer was just to whet our appetite and it worked, to say the least. Toy Story 4 is set to release in the Summer of 2019 and it will be open for speculation until we are gifted with an official trailer. It is difficult to see past the story following Andy's sister, Molly. There could be a new set of challenges for the toys and maybe even some additional cuddly companions, not ones like Lotso hopefully. If you're not up to date on the tale, watch the last scene from Toy Story 3, tissues at the ready!

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