Ultraman – Trailer

Netflix have released the trailer for their brand new Anime show Ultraman, available on the streaming service from April 1st!

Since they dropped the trailer for it on their YouTube channel two days ago it has already had 400,000 views! The new anime series is adapted from the Ultraman manga that was published back in 2011. The last volume was released in 2018. The manga sold 2.8 million copies as of 2018.

The story follows Shinjiro Hayata who is a Japanese high school student. He is the son of the former Ultraman and is now tasked with the job of keeping earth save from invasion. He initially isn't sure as to wether he is worthy of wearing the suit but this changes after much convincing from his father.

In the trailer we see that it is Shinjiro's job to stop enemy invasion from aliens and other villains including his archenemy Bemular. Shinjiro is joined by Dan Moroboshi and Seiji hokuto in the trailer who also have their own suits. Between the three of them they must keep the world safe.

Ultraman looks a fantastic addition to the world of anime and to the Ultraman franchise. It is set to release on April 1st on Netflix.

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