Unhinged Trailer

In a world where the pandemic has everyone concerned about venturing outside. The new trailer which dropped for Unhinged is only going to increase people's fear of stepping outside. After watching the trailer, one thing is for sure; I won't be driving!

Unhinged is shaping up to be a good old fashioned psychological thriller—the kind to take your mind off the Lockdown. At first glance, this feels similar to the Micheal Douglas classic Falling Down, only more intense.

We're all aware that virtually every single movie release for 2020 has pushed back to a later date. However, Solstice studios have made one of the boldest moves by bringing their release date forward. Unhinged, was initially set to be released in September 2020.

It's fair to say, that Russell Crowe has been cast in some suspect roles over the last few years. But, it looks like the Academy Award winner has landed a role that will get him back where he belongs. Crowe is, without doubt, one of the biggest acting talents of the modern era. His best performances have come when he can display his commanding presence on screen. It's clear within the first few seconds of the Unhinged trailer that Crowe back at his best.

He plays a man on the edge of a breakdown. So, when a young Mother unwittingly triggers his rage. He decides to make her life hell. But not just her life, every single person she loves too.

The trailer opens with a Nirvana song for maximum impact, and Russel Crowe looks terrifying in the role. Director Dereck Borte has said – “The mark of a great film is one that both entertains and sparks conversation,”.

I can see this being a surprise hit for 2020, possibly one of the most talked-about films of the year too.

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Unhinged Trailer 2020
Movie Release Date UK – 31st July 2020

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