Venom Trailer

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Are you familiar with Peter Parkers nemesis in Spider Man 3? Well, Venom is back and the dark entity has its own film coming out October 5th this year. The man himself, Tom hardy is playing the main role as the anti-hero. He isn't the only the big name in Venom either. The likes of Woody Harrelson, Michelle Williams and even UK Rapper, Riz Ahmed all feature in the new marvel production.

So, who or what is venom? The villain first appeared in 1984 but titled as ‘the alien suit’ rather than what we know as venom today. He has similar powers to Spider Man but the intentions are quite opposite. A small army wouldn't be enough to stop Tom Hardy in normal circumstances, let alone with super powers. The cast-line is as exciting as the trailer and we can’t wait! Will there be a hero to prevent Venom’s path of destruction…

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