Vikings final Series 6 – Teaser Trailer

Wow – Just Wow. What a finish to Season 5 of Vikings we had on the 30/01/2019. But the History channel has wasted no time at all getting the new trailer out for season 6…

Well, it is fair to say, the second half of Vikings season five really brought the show back on track. Personally, I thought the first half of season five was quite weak. But we really got to see everything unfold in dramatic fashion. The final episode delivered everything that any fan could hope for and more.

It seems the producers are really building up the story for an epic final season. So they did not waste any time keeping the fans appetites fulfilled. Shortly after the fantastic finale of Season five, the teaser trailer for season six was released. Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), is directing one of the episodes and she was straight onto her Instagram feed to get in on the action.

Although there is no official release date as yet, it is fair to say that we won't be waiting too long. Winnick also added a story (that appeared for a limited time) that strongly suggested that the next series is just around the corner. Previous releases have been around November, but my money would be on a quick release before the summer.

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One thing is for sure, we have not seen the last of Ivor the boneless. The trailer clearly shows he will be back and worse than ever. In fact looking at the trailer we will be in for a real brutal feast for the final season and I can't wait.

Vikings Season Six – Coming Soon.

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