Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gardot is back with Wonder Woman 1984, supplying even more Wonder wrapped with eighties glitz and a banging 80's soundtrack. But why 1984 and just who are these new Super Villians that she is going to have to stand up to. One thing is for sure, it looks like Wonder Woman is going to kick some serious butt.

Back in 2017 DC released the first Wonder Woman with the fabulous Gal Gardot playing the lead. Now, to say that this film was a smash hit would be a huge understatement. Everything about this film was bang on perfect, for a superhero flick that is. Backed up with a fantastic cast and powerful action, the film went onto take a colossal $821.8 million globally.

It's fair to say, that fans have been super keen to get more. Gal Gardot has appeared as the character in films like Dawn of Justice and Justice League. But, given the success of the first film, it was clear that it would not be long before we get to see her in her solo films again.

Now one thing is for sure, this trailer does not disappoint at all. And the best bit is that all of the original team are back to work their magic again. The brilliant, Zack Snyder is back on board in Production. But on top of that, Patty Jenkins is back as director and she did an amazing job the first time around. However, she is contributing to the story and the screenplay with Wonder Woman 1984. So it may not be quite as dark without Zack Snyders's storyline.

The first thing that stands out is the introduction of some classic Wonder Woman villains straight from the comic. We have Wonder Woman's archenemy, Barbara Ann Minerva or Cheetah. Then, Max Lord appears but he seems to be focusing his unbelievable wealth on Media Control. However, it is the choice for casting here that gives some direction in where this movie may be going. Kirsten Wiig is cast as Cheetah, so this could suggest there will be some humor added to this role. Then, we have the brilliant Pedro Pascal cast as Max Lord and from the look of the trailer he is relishing this role. On top of this, Chris Pine reprises his role as Steve Trevor.

Key Points to raise from the First Trailer

1: Where the Heck does Steve Trevor come from?
Call me old fashioned but didn't he die in the first film? But, hey there must be a good reason and who cares if Captain Kirk is back on the screen. Chris Pine was brilliant in the first film and come on, Wonder Woman sure does seem to like Steve Trevor a lot.

2: Why the Choice of 1984?
Yes, it's a great choice because the whole film can have a nostalgic 80's look. But what about the significance of 1984. Well, it certainly appears that Max Lord is creating a surveillance state, as he did in the comics with Brother Eye. We even get to see a scene of a helicopter approaching a gigantic satellite dish, could this be Brother Eye. If so, maybe 1984 is an obvious nod to the George Orwell Book “1984” – Big Brother is watching, well it appears Max Lord is.

3: Did we just see the Invisible Plane for the First Time?
Well, jump to 1m 31s in the trailer and you have to admit that is certainly a plane. Plus, it looks like no ordinary plane and considering Chris Pine's character is a pilot. He looks pretty shocked and full of Wonder, but maybe it's something else going on there?

4: What's the Crystal that Max Lord is Looking at?
Max appears with the Crystal twice in the trailer. In the second scene, he is holding it with a look of immense power building on his face. Now, just putting it out there but in the DC universe, there is the Chaos Shard. Let's just say, things are going to get pretty darn hectic if it is the Chaos shard.

But wait, there's more, the first thing that hooks you straight into this trailer is a banging remix of the brilliant song by New Order – Blue Monday. That's because it is the amazing Hans Zimmer behind the music for Wonder Woman 1984. Hans Zimmer is easily the best cinematic composer around today. So, let's just say that the sound score to this film is going to be something that will stay with you for quite some time. Especially with all those huge 80's classics, he has to play with.

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#WW84: Wonder Woman 1984
Updated Release Date 2nd October 2020

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