Wreck It Ralph 2 Trailer

Scheduled to hit the cinema screens on November 21st 2018, Wreck It Ralph 2 is the sequel to, you guessed it, Wreck It Ralph! It's been six years since the beloved Ralph and Vanellope made their debuts raking in over $470m at the box office so will Ralph Breaks The Internet do as well?

The movie centres on Wreck-It Ralph's adventures in the Internet data space when a Wi-Fi router gets plugged into the arcade by Mr. Litwak, as he must find a replacement for the broken steering wheel of Sugar Rush. Along the way, Ralph and his best friend Vanellope von Schweetz encounter new customs, worlds, and characters, such as trendy algorithms and the Disney Princess lineup with The Muppets, Star Wars, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Marvel Comics and Pixar who all make an appearance.

John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch are all back to voice the characters in what is sure to be another Disney hit.

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